Win one of ten 'See it! Stick it!' books

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WIN one of ten “See it! Stick it!” sight words books from Mrs Wordsmith! The interactive, fun way to help kids learn the words that will really accelerate their reading. Can they find the sticker that matches each sight word? When you see it, stick it!

  • Accelerates kids’ reading
  • A set of two books, with 199 sight words to learn
  • A fun sticker for every word!
  • Learn to recognise words by matching them with stickers
  • Scan the page with a device to hear the pronunciation
  • Ages 4-6

See it! Stick it! couldn’t be more straightforward to use! Each sight word has its own sticker at the back of the book - and kids have to figure out the right place to stick it by recognising the word. Each sight word is also accompanied by a QR code which can be scanned with a device for audio pronunciation. Learning to read has never been so much fun!

To win, simply enter your email address, like us on Instagram or Facebook, and tag a friend.

Win one of ten <em>'See it! Stick it!'</em> books
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