Mrs Wordsmith has a new top dog!

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Mrs Wordsmith is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new CEO Nick Perrett.

"From the moment my 6-year old kid said: ‘That's a Mrs Wordsmith word!’ when hearing the word ‘gargantuan’ in a movie, I knew the company had created something special,” Nick said. Nick’s own children grew up learning words with Mrs Wordsmith books and games, and he’s excited to start jamming with Shang High the giraffe DJ and the rest of the crew.

“The idea of bringing fun and games into teaching for better learning outcomes and happier kids is truly compelling. I'm excited to be given the chance to take the business to the next level, and especially look forward to working with the extraordinary talent Mrs Wordsmith has," he said.

Nick has 15 years leadership experience within storytelling businesses, across games, film and publishing. As a former executive at HarperCollins and through working on major IPs from films like Bob Zemekis' "The Polar Express", games like EA's “Harry Potter,”and digital exploitations of print IP like Tolkein's "The Lord of the Rings,” he brings a deep appreciation of educational and trade publishing.

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Nick will lead Mrs Wordsmith as it expands its game and publishing offering and continues to support teachers, parents, and children along their learning journey. The global move to virtual classroom life this year reaffirmed Mrs Wordsmith’s mission to put fun into learning, wherever students are!

Mrs Wordsmith is also welcoming a new majority shareholder, Hatch House Games, a new educational investment vehicle founded by Ebs Burnough and Pierre Lagrange.

This fresh addition of capital will provide the necessary resources for Nick to fulfill the vision of Mrs Wordsmith’s founder Sofia Fenichell: to be every child’s favourite English teacher.

About Mrs Wordsmith: Founded in 2015 by Sofia Fenichell, the award-winning Mrs Wordsmith team creates engaging books, games, and apps designed to raise children’s reading age and improve academic outcomes, reconciling fun, games and learning.


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