Refer a Friend FAQs

1. What is your referral program?

Customers are being invited to take part in our Refer a Friend program. By referring your friends to Mrs Wordsmith, they can now receive a discount that is the equivalent of a FREE Mrs Wordsmith book. You’ll be contacted with a shareable coupon code which can be used by your friends to claim their free book. The book can be redeemed when they make their first Mrs Wordsmith purchase.

To claim YOUR discount, your code will need to be shared and redeemed by three friends. We’ll notify you each time a friend uses your code, so you can know how close you are to receiving your incredible discount.

2. How much is the discount code worth?

Your code gives you £17 credit on our Refer a Friend store when you buy more than one book.

3. Does your referral include all of your books?

The books you can use your discount on are dependant on where you’re based. This campaign is currently for UK and US customers. We are working on adding more stores to be a part of the referral programme in the future.

Below is a list of books that you and your friends can redeem.


  • Storyteller’s Word a Day
  • Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary Hardback
  • My Epic Life Daily Word Workout
  • My Epic Life Word Book
  • See it! Stick it! Vol 1&2
  • See it! Stick it! Vol 3&4


  • My Epic Life Word Book
  • See it! Stick it! Vol 1&2
  • See it! Stick it! Vol 3&4
  • Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary Hardback

4. How do I claim my discount code?

Referees can claim the discount by clicking the invitation link sent to them. On our refer a friend website page, you can choose any of the books that are part of the programme and then get your second book discounted by £17 with the code sent by the person that referred you. At checkout, all you need to do is add your Refer a Friend code and pay for the higher-priced book


5. What happens if I refer just 1 or 2 friends?

Referrers will only receive their discount once a third friend has redeemed their code. Mrs Wordsmith will notify the referrer each time a friend redeems their free book so that they can keep track of how many friends are left to recommend.

6. How long will this program be running for?

There’s currently no end date for our Refer a Friend program. However, we do hold the right to close it in the future.

Our T&C’s can be found here

7. Do I have to pay for shipping?

For referees, shipping is not included, but if you choose 3 books in total (paying for 2) then shipping is free. As an extra thank you to referrers for referring three friends, your discount code worth £21 and will also cover the cost of one book plus standard shipping in the UK.

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