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  • Flush! and 37 essential house rules


    37 rules to help you raise calmer, happier children and help them learn at home. Homeschooling? You've got this!

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    • Developed with experts to guarantee development benefits
    • Rules for modern households, from reducing screen time to being environmentally conscious
    • Helps teach kids to take responsibility for themselves and others
    • Perfect for ages 4–9

    “So many parents ask me how we manage to get children to behave at school. Parents want advice on how to get their kids to take responsibility at home. Now I can just hand them Flush! I will be using it with my own kids at home too.”
    Emma Madden | leading UK headteacher

    “I just absolutely love Mrs Wordsmith. I've been looking at a different house rule every day, and I think this one is for me, not the kids, I absolutely love it.”
    Leo Bamford | @mybabainsta on Instagram

    Say goodbye to nagging. Say hello to owning and loving your house rules!

    Flush! And 37 Essential House Rules is the family operating manual for the next decade - a witty book of research-backed rules to help you raise calmer, happier children. By drawing upon neuroscience, academic research, and focus groups around everyday family life, Flush! brings essential house rules to life with Mrs Wordsmith’s acclaimed hilarious illustrations and witty words of wisdom that kids and parents alike won’t stop repeating.

    You need to know the rules...

    Flush! helps kids learn to self-regulate by demonstrating practical examples of how they should behave in different situations. Whether it’s switching off the lights when they leave a room, learning to share, or taking responsibility for pets, Flush! is a contract between kids and parents that will put an end to arguments and negotiations around the house.

    ...to break the rules

    Kids who can think for themselves and who respect their homes and the people around them go on to do unexpected and incredible things. Flush! provides kids with the rules they need to become independent thinkers, visionaries, even renegades. They help kids learn to self-regulate and take responsibility for themselves, laying the foundations for school and beyond.

    A witty contract for life

    Flush! is all about child development. But it isn’t a long, incomprehensible psychology book about how you should raise your kids. Flush! does the hard work for you, using snappy statements and hilarious illustrations to create a contract for life that parents and kids can enjoy together.

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    88 pages
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    22.9 x 17.8cm
    Flush! and 37 essential house rules

    Flush! and 37 essential house rules

    Flush! and 37 essential house rules
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